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This frequently asked questions page lists the most common questions people ask about fantasy consoles and computers.


What is a fantasy console (or computer)?[edit]

A fantasy console or fantasy computer is an emulator for a fictional video game console or computer system. In short, it aims to create the experience of retrogaming without the need to emulate a real console, allowing the developer to freely decide what specifications their fictional hardware will have.

See Console vs. Computer for this wiki's policy on the distinction between "console" and "computer" definitions.

What FCs are out there?[edit]

There now exist a great many systems, with more being created regularly. See the link below for a regularly updated list, but there are also the Category:Fantasy consoles and Category:Fantasy computers category pages for this wiki.

Is there a Discord?[edit]

There is! Here is the link: https://discord.gg/jcT9CXDgHB