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Welcome to Fantasy Console Wiki!

This wiki aims to be a central knowledge base for the world of fantasy consoles and computers. The first program to describe itself as a fantasy console was PICO-8, released in April of 2015, and since then many more have appeared. Today, PICO-8 and TIC-80 are in the top 20 engines used on

We're still working, so please mind the dust. In the meantime, feel free to check out the pages we have on fantasy consoles and fantasy computers!

List of FCs[edit]

Console Name FC Language License Platform(s) Display
4BoD by Puarsliburf Instructions Free Windows 16x16 (1:1)
atto by James Livesey BASIC Free, MIT Browser 640x480 (4:3)
BASIC8 by Tony Wang BASIC $14.99 Windows, macOS, Linux; Browser 160x128 (1.25:1)
Bitmelo by David Byers JavaScript Free Windows, Browser Configurable
Bitsy by Adam Le Doux Instructions Free, MIT Browser 16x16 (1:1) 1bit sprites (8x8 per sprite)
BLIP-4 by Yurix Instructions NYOP Windows 16x16(1:1)
BrainFuckConsole74 by AndOr Brainfuck Free Browser 16x16 (1:1) 4bit
cel7 by rxi fe (lisp-like) NYOP Windows, Linux Configurable
Click4 by Josef Patoprsty ASM Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux 64x64 (1:1)
CToy by Anaël Seghezzi C Free, zlib Windows, macOS, Linux 128x128 (1:1)
DRAK-0 by Drew Wibbenmeyer ChaiScript, LuaJIT (coming soon) NYOP, MIT Windows 320x240 (4:3)
DreamBox by Hazel Stagner Rust NYOP Windows, Linux 640x480 (4:3)
Fancade by Martin Magni Visual Scripting F2P iOS, Android, Browser Voxel
FAZIC by Michał Kalbarczyk BASIC Free Browser 320x240 (4:3)
Game Builder Garage by Nintendo Visual $29.99 NS 3D
IBNIZ by viznut Instructions Free, zlib Windows, Linux 256x256 (1:1)
Leikr by Torbuntu (Official) Groovy, (unofficial) Java, Kotlin Free, Apache Linux, Raspberry Pi, GameShell, Windows 240x160 (3:2)
LIKO-12 by RamiLego4Game Lua NYOP, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux, Android 192x128 (3:2)
LowRes NX (LowRes Coder) by Timo Kloss BASIC Free, LGPL3 Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS 160x128 (1:25.1)
LuaG Console by Vulcalien Lua Free, GPLv3 Windows, Linux 160x160 (1:1)
luchok by Roman "shinkarom" Shynkarenko Lua Free, GNU GPL 3 Linux 64x32 (2:1)
MakeCode Arcade by Microsoft Blocks, JavaScript, TypeScript Free, MIT Browser; Raspberry Pi 0, custom handhelds 160x120 (4:3)
MEG-4 by bzt MEG-4 C, BASIC, Assembly, Lua Free, GPLv3 Windows, macOS, Linux, Browser, binaries 320x200 (16:10), 8bit
MegaZeux by Alexis Janson Robotic Free, GPLv2 Windows, macOS, Linux, Browser, ports 80x25 characters, Configurable
Micro16 by bitblitter BASIC Free Windows 80x30 character mode, 640x480 (4:3) 1bit, 320x240 (4:3) 8bit
MicroW8 by exoticorn CurlyWas Free, Unlicense Browser; Windows, macOS, Linux 320x240 (4:3) 8bit
Mini Micro by Joe Strout MiniScript NYOP Windows, macOS, Linux, Browser 960x640 (3:2), 8 layers
Minicube64 by ΛERIF°RM Assembly Free, ? Windows, macOS, Linux 64x64 (1:1), 8bit
nano Jammer by Casual Effects nano Free, BSD Browser 64x64 (1:1)
Nibble by Nibble Team Lua Free, GPLv3 Windows, macOS, Linux 400x240 (1.67:1) 24bit/7bit
Octo (CHIP-8) by John Earnest ASM Free, MIT Browser 128x64 (2:1) 2bit
OK64 by LemonSpawn Turbo Rascal Free, GPLv3 Windows, macOS, Linux 256x256 (1:1) 8bit
Phosphor by Marc Lepage Lua Free, MIT Browser 192x128 (3:2)
PICO-8 by Lexaloffle Lua-like $14.99 Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspbery Pi; Browser 128x128 (1:1) 4bit
Pix64 by ZappedCow PNG NYOP Windows, Linux 64x64 (1:1)
Pixel Vision 8 by Pixel Vision 8 Lua Free, MS-PL Windows, macOS, Linux 256x240 (1.07:1)
PQ93 by pennie MoonScript Free Windows 160x144 (1.11:1) 4bit
Prequel Programming Lab by Hugo Simoes Prequel Free Browser Vector (1:1)
Prism-384 by Grapefruitopia Industries JavaScript $5 Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi 384x216 (16:9)
Puarslitron by Puarsliburf D-Code Free Windows 72x64 (3:2)
PuzzleScript, DungeonScript by Stephen Lavelle Instructions Free, MIT Browser Configurable, (DungeonScript) Voxel
PX8 by hallucino Lua, Python NYOP, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux Configurable
Pyxel by Takashi Kitao Python Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux 256x256 (1:1)
quadplay by Casual Effects PyxlScript Free, LGPL3 Windows, macOS, Linux; Browser 384x224 (1.71:1)
Raccoon by Lutopia & Linheha JavaScript Free, Unlicense Browser 128x128 (1:1)
REST-6 by Lunaryss REST (forth-like) NYOP Browser 64x64, 2b
Riko4 by Emma Lua Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux 280x160 (1.75:1)
SCRIPT-8 by Gabriel Florit JavaScript Free, MIT Browser 128x128 (1:1)
SmileBASIC by SmileBoom BASIC $9.99, $24.99 3DS, NS 320x240 (4:3), 400x240 (1.67:1)
TIC-80 by Vadim Grigoruk Lua, MoonScript, JavaScript, Fennel, Wren, Squirrel Free, $5 (Pro), MIT Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, 3DS, Browser 240x136 (1.76:1)
Varvara by Hundred Rabbits Uxntal (forth-like) Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux, NDS, GBA, Playdate, etc Configurable 2bit
Vircon32 by Carra C, Assembly Free, BSD Windows, macOS, Linux 640x360 (16:9) 32bit
Voxatron by Lexaloffle Lua-like $19.99 Windows, macOS, Linux 128x128x64 (Voxel)
WASM-4 by Bruno Garcia Any WebAssembly language: C/C++, Rust, Go, AssemblyScript Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux; Browser 160x160 (1:1) 2bit
YETI-16 by yeti0904 Instructions Free MIT Windows, macOS and Linux Configurable
yuki-js by Nik Coughlin JavaScript (subset) Free, MIT Browser Configurable
ZZT by Potomac Computer Systems ZZT-OOP Free, MIT DOS, ports 80x25 characters