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Vircon32 is a 32-bit system written by Carra that uses C as its development language, and includes a number of libraries intended to simplify game development. It includes a compiler and assembler, as well as various development tools for creating and compiling games.

The Vircon32 system itself is a set of specifications defining the limitations and capabilities of the various components. It uses a simplified 32-bit CPU running at 15 MHz, and has 16 MB of RAM. Floating point operations on the CPU are supported. To save games, the system provides 1 MB of storage in the form of a memory card.

The screen resolution is 640x360 (16:9), with 24-bit RGB color supported. The sound is stereo 16-bit at 44100 Hz (CD quality).

The system supports up to 4 gamepads with seven buttons each (A, B, X, Y, L, R, Start), plus a directional pad.