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SCRIPT-8[1] is a monochrome fantasy console developed by Gabriel Florit and other contributors in GitHub. Games, also called cassettes, are written in JavaScript, and are saved on an URL to share with others, or can be uploaded in the "shelf", a repository where games can be shared and played online, just like in other web-based FCs. The tools at your disposal are a code editor, a music and sound editor, and a sprite and map editor. You can also program games using finite state machines.


  • Channels are monophonic, meaning they can only play one sound at a time. There are 64 phrases that can each can have max 16 notes, 64 4-channel chains that can each have max 16 phrases, and 64 songs that can each have max 16 chains, making a total of 16,777,216, or 0x1000000 notes that can be on a single song.
  • 8 colors, each being a shade of brown, like in a Game Boy.
  • 7 tabs of code, no limit found to the amount of lines each tab can have.


  • Any edits to the code are updated instantly.
  • Sprite and map editor both also instantly display edits.
  • A slider, for tweaking numbers without typing.
  • A time traveling tool to pause and rewind.
  • Buttons that show a character (also called actor)'s past and future paths.
  • The ability to combine all the above to manipulate time.