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LowRes NX is a fantasy console created by Timo Kloss. It was made as a successor to LowRes Coder.


Graphics on LowRes NX consist of a screen output of 160x128 pixels with tile-map based graphics (unlike a framebuffer), 6-bit color assignable to 8 four-color palettes and 64 maximum sprites per screen. For sound, there's a 4-channel synthesizer with four different waveforms per channel.[1]


Programs are written on a special BASIC dialect. They must fit under a maximum number of 16384 tokens. There are no lowercase characters.

There are also "CPU cycles" which limit how many cycles can run per frame.


Programs can be published on the official website and be licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.[2] These games can be played by either the HTML5 player built into the website, or be downloaded separately. An URI for playing games on the iOS app is also provided.

Software can also be published for HTML5 externally using the pre-built web player.[3]

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