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Mini Micro is a fantasy computer based on the MiniScript programming language. MiniScript is used both for the command-line shell (which is really just a MiniScript REPL) and for writing programs, so there is only one language/syntax to learn.


Mini Micro runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and WebGL. A mobile version for iOS and Android is currently in public alpha. Mini Micro is free and may be downloaded from either of:


  • Up to 8 simultaneous display layers, each of which can be configured as any of:
    • solid color
    • pixel display (full-color, scalable, and scrollable; 960x640 pixels by default)
    • text display (26 rows by 68 columns, full-color)
    • tile display (scalable, scrollable, with optional overlap and odd row/column offset)
    • sprite display (sprites support scaling, rotation, and simple collision checks)
  • Support for keyboard, mouse, and game controller input
  • Both digitized and synthesized sounds (with control over pitch, volume, and stereo pan)
  • HTTP with all four verbs
  • System disk with a variety of built-in sounds, images, and import libraries


There is a 4-page Mini Micro Cheat Sheet which is the primary documentation used by experienced users. There is also a Mini Micro category on the MiniScript wiki, as well as two books about MiniScript and Mini Micro.