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TIC-80 is a free and open-source multi-language fantasy computer. Like PICO-8, it has all the tools necessary to create small, retro videogames. These videogames are then saved in a cartridge file and can be uploaded to the main website, or can be packed into a player for multiple platforms and distributed anywhere.

The TIC-80 icon which is used on the example Hello World cart and Config file.

Technical specifications[edit]

  • Display: 240x136 pixels, 16 colors palette.
  • Input: 4 gamepads with 8 buttons / mouse / keyboard.
  • Sprites: 256 8x8 tiles and 256 8x8 sprites.
  • Map: 240x136 cells, 1920x1088 pixels.
  • Sound: 4 channels with configurable waveforms.
  • Code: 64 kilobytes of characters.

Programming languages[edit]

TIC-80 is one of the few FCs to support multiple system languages, but its default is Lua 5.3, with the standard library built-in. Other supported languages are:

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